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4 Tips for Avoiding Tractor-Trailer Accidents June 20, 2018

4 Tips for Avoiding Tractor-Trailer Accidents, Roanoke County, Virginia

Tractor-trailers are heavy and unwieldy, making them harder to stop, easier to tip, and more dangerous on the road. If you drive near one of these big rigs, exercise certain precautions to protect yourself. Most deaths in tractor-trailer accidents are the occupants of passenger vehicles—between you and the bigger vehicle, you are the one at risk.

4 Safe Driving Tips to Prevent Tractor-Trailer Accidents

1. Give Space & Make Sure You Are Seen

tractor-trailer accidentsGive big trucks extra space. They have lower braking capability due to their huge mass; when fully loaded, they can take 20% to 40% more distance to stop than a car. All vehicles have blind spots, but tractor-trailers are especially large. If you cannot see the truck’s mirrors, assume that the driver cannot see your vehicle. Get out of this area as quickly as possible.

2. Honk If Needed

Unfortunately, human error is another factor to remember in tractor-trailer accidents. Commercial drivers can legally drive up to 11 hours per day. The resulting fatigue is a major risk, so don’t be shy about honking if you notice erratic driving.

3. Take Care When Passing

When passing a tractor-trailer, prepare to move quickly: You want to avoid dwelling in the aforementioned blind spot. Never cross the double-yellow line, always pass on the left, and don’t cut off the truck too closely when reentering the lane.

4. Use Common Sense

Practice safe driving, and stay alert when a tractor-trailer is in the vicinity. Use your turn signals, check your mirrors, and make sure your headlights are on if it’s dark. Also, keep your focus on the road, not your cell phone or other distractions.


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