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How to Make Buying a Used Car Easy June 19, 2018

Henderson, Chester
How to Make Buying a Used Car Easy, Henderson, Tennessee

The best used car dealerships offer a stunning range of options, with rows of high-quality vehicles of every make and model. With so many choices available, how do you begin deciding which vehicle has the reliability you need and the features you want? Buying a car can be an overwhelming process, but the tips below will help ensure you drive away with confidence.

4 Tips for Choosing a Used Car

1. Do Your Research

Before you head out to the car lot, do some research on the models you’re considering to see what experiences other drivers have had. Consumer Reports and many other respected organizations offer in-depth reliability ratings, which can help narrow down your options.

2. Take It for a Test Drive

used carsIf used wisely, a thorough test drive can be one of the most valuable information-gathering tools you have. Instead of just driving around the block, try to see how the vehicle performs under your usual driving conditions. Pay attention to how it brakes and take it on the highway to ensure it’s something you’re comfortable driving.

3. Ask for Service Records

A vehicle’s maintenance history is probably the single biggest factor determining reliability. If the previous owner kept detailed records of oil changes and other services, most used car dealers will be happy to let you check them out.

4. Have a Mechanic Inspect the Vehicle

Reputable used car dealers inspect every vehicle before it goes onto the lot, but it never hurts to get a second opinion. Once you’ve made up your mind, take the car you’re considering to a mechanic for an independent evaluation.


If you’re in the market for a used car or truck, the friendly, knowledgeable staff at Automax of Chester County in Henderson, TN, will match you with a vehicle that’s perfect for your lifestyle, taste, and budget. They pride themselves on giving every customer the attention they deserve, with 100% financing options on each of their high-quality vehicles. Visit their website to start shopping for your next car today, call (731) 989-9500 with any questions, and follow their Facebook page for tips, news, and updates.

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