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The Top 3 Weed Control Tips for Your Garden June 21, 2018

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The Top 3 Weed Control Tips for Your Garden, Enterprise, Alabama

Weeds in your flower bed not only detract from the innate beauty of your roses, but they also gobble up nutrients and moisture that are better directed elsewhere. Lucky Lawn Service, a respected lawn care and landscape design company in Enterprise, AL, offers some weed control tips below to keep invasive plant growth to a minimum in your flower beds.

3 Important Weed Control Tips for Your Flower Garden

1. Use Plenty of Mulch

Weed controlMulch prevents sunlight from striking the earth in your flower beds, so it keeps the soil moist and cool. It also deprives weed seeds and sprouts of the sunlight they need to flourish. Without light, they cannot grow large enough to threaten the flowers you're cultivating. In fact, most germinating weeds will die, or the seeds will lay dormant.

2. Weed When Wet

Wet soil is softer and more pliable than when it’s dry, which makes it easier to pull up weeds by the roots. Therefore, when possible, plan to pull weeds after heavy rainfall. Grab a garden trowel, hand rake, and a plastic bag in which to collect the weeds you've pulled, and dedicate some time to removing these pesky, unwanted plants from your flower bed.

3. Skip the Roots

If the rain does not cooperate and you must weed during dry conditions, you may find it very difficult to remove the whole plant, root and all, from dry earth. If you like, you can soften the soil with a hose. However, you can buy yourself some time until the next rainfall by deadheading the tops of visible weeds. This prevents them from seeding, limits their growth, and prevents them from spreading. You can then attack them fully after the next rainfall.

If you don’t have the time or can’t manage to remove weeds without damaging your flowers, contact a professional to help. Lucky Lawn Service in Enterprise, AL, is an expert in weed control and removal, and their team can encourage growth in your garden with fertilization and insect control. To learn more about their services, visit them online. To schedule an appointment with a weed control expert, call (334) 347-8873.

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