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How to Prepare Your Canine Friend for Dog Boarding June 20, 2018

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How to Prepare Your Canine Friend for Dog Boarding, Walworth, New York

An upcoming trip may warrant sending your canine friend to a local dog boarding facility. But your absence can be a lot to handle for your four-legged companion, especially if they have anxiety issues. The following tips will help them get ready for a stay away from you and the surroundings they are most familiar with.

Ways to Prepare Your Pet for Dog Boarding

1. Consider the Dog’s Age

Separation anxiety is more common in rescue dogs, who are adopted at a later stage of their life. Often, their anxiety stems from a traumatic event, like being left at the shelter. While older dogs are more set in their ways, there’s a better chance of helping your canine friend overcoming these issues if they are relatively young. Start the process by finding a kennel you trust to handle your dog’s care efficiently.

2. Do the Pickup & Drop-Off Yourself

Dog BoardingIntroduce your canine friend to the pet kennel, and leave them there for short intervals of a few hours. As their owner, you are the person they trust the most. That’s why it’s important to take care of drop-offs and pickups yourself versus asking someone else. Getting to see their owner at the end of the day will help build their confidence and reassure them that you’re right there for them.

3. Prepare Them Gradually

Gradually increase the time you leave your furry friend at the boarding facility. This will help them get used to the exercise and slowly adjust to their new surrounding. If they do well on the shorter breaks, start leaving them at the kennel overnight, and pick them up the next morning. Make their extended stay more comfortable and homey by packing their favorite toys for their time away from home.


A reliable dog boarding can help your canine friend feel right at home. Place your trust in the experienced team at Orchard Kennels to ensure their proper care while you’re away from home. Based in Walworth, NY, the kennel provides food, water, raised beds, and outdoor playtime as well to make your dog’s stay comfortable. Schedule a visit with them at (315) 986-1605, and visit the website for more details about their pet kennel services.

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