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4 Clothing Items That Don't Need Fabric Softener June 19, 2018

Dothan, Houston
4 Clothing Items That Don't Need Fabric Softener, Dothan, Alabama

Including a fabric softener in your laundry routine gives your clothes a softer feel and great fragrance. But did you know that not all types of clothing items are suitable for washing with fabric softener? That’s because the product contains detrimental chemicals to the garments below.

Which Clothes Don't Need Fabric Softener?

1. Towels

The protruding fibers of a towel are designed to absorb excess moisture effectively. Exposure to fabric softeners, however, coats the fibers and prevents the towels from drying properly. This is also the case with cleaning wipes made from microfiber. If these materials don't dry fully, they develop a musty odor and lose their absorbent quality. Retain their absorbency and softness by adding vinegar to the wash cycle and putting wool balls inside when running the dryer.

2. Baby Clothes

ClothesFor safety reasons, most clothing items for babies and toddlers are made of fire-resistant materials. Dousing them in fabric softeners may keep them soft, but it also adds a coat of wax and other chemicals on top. These components undermine the fire-resistant qualities of baby clothing and turn them into a safety hazard. A better alternative is to include vinegar in the wash cycle and minimize static by adding a piece of aluminum foil to the dryer.

3. Athletic Wear

Athletic and swim gear are made with waterproof materials to prevent moisture absorption and bacteria from sweat. But rinsing them with fabric softener minimizes their moisture-resistant capability and allows sweat to get trapped inside the fabric. As a result, your garments continue to smell of body odor, even after washing them multiple times. A simpler option is to wash them in a cold cycle and air dry without using fabric softener.

4. Lingerie

On first thought, giving your lingerie a softer feel may seem like a great idea. However, immersing them in fabric softener is a bad idea, especially if you have sensitive skin. Lingerie items remain in close contact with the body, increasing the risk of skin irritation and allergies from chemical components of softeners. Additionally, the product residue ends up trapping odor and bacteria from sweat. For best results, wash your delicates on gentle settings with similar items.


Knowing the right washing and drying techniques can prevent damage to your clothes. Anytime you need to give your clothing items a good wash, head to Park Avenue Coin Laundry. The Dothan, AL-based laundromat houses an extensive range of washers and dryers to ensure fast, efficient laundry service. For further information about the solutions they offer, call (334) 678-0800 or visit the website.

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