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3 Compelling Benefits of Music Early Childhood Programs June 26, 2018

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3 Compelling Benefits of Music Early Childhood Programs, Brookline, Massachusetts

Whether your little one is an infant or about to start preschool, early childhood programs are an incredible way to help them develop lifelong skills. Music education is a popular program that kids of all ages can enjoy and offers a number of benefits. Below are a few if you’re on the fence about signing your child up for a course. 

Early Childhood Programs & the Benefits of Music Education

1. Self Expression

early childhood programsEvery child has a different skill set that they excel at. Some immediately connect with a tune and can sing alongside it, while others master playing an instrument. Music education is an outlet for kids to express themselves, whether it's through their hands or voices. They'll be encouraged to communicate in a way that feels most comfortable for them. These communication skills will likely play out in other areas of their life, from how they communicate with others to how they articulate their emotions. 

2. Memorization

Repetition is one of the best ways to encourage multisensory learning, from listening for words kids are familiar with to knowing movements that go along with those words. In music education, repetition plays a large role in the class as kids are taught how to play instruments and repeat tunes. By practicing songs over and over again, they can familiarize themselves with the music, helping them to master the song or instrument. 

3. Fine Motor Skills

Music is so much more than sounds. Kids will boost their hand-eye coordination when playing an instrument because they must use their hands to create those sounds. This can help kids eventually learn to hold smaller items, eat, and use utensils in the coming months and years.

There are many benefits to music education for your child. If you're interested in enrolling them in an early childhood program, connect with the team at Tiny World Child Care Inc. in Brookline, MA. They provide kids with a nurturing, loving, and educational environment where they can develop lifelong skills. They also offer full-time day care services for kids of all ages. To learn more about their programs, visit them online or call (617) 232-0115 to set up an appointment today. 

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