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3 Unique Benefits of Funeral Dove Releases June 19, 2018

Elsmere, Covington
3 Unique Benefits of Funeral Dove Releases, Covington, Kentucky

A funeral offers the opportunity to both mourn and celebrate the beautiful life of your loved one. Amid the pain of loss, you have the opportunity to honor your dearly departed’s unique spirit and legacy. To help you and your loved ones cope and commemorate, consider arranging a dove release at the service for a beautiful and heartfelt tribute.  

Why Arrange a Dove Release at a Funeral

1. Beauty

Doves soaring into the sky communicate freedom and peace—themes that can resonate with funeral attendees to bring a sense of calm to their hearts. This action can help make your loved one's celebration of life a beautifully memorable occasion. 

2. Closure

dove releaseWhen a loved one passes, it will feel difficult to attain peace of mind. A dove release can help you and your loved ones find the closure you need to move forward. Of course, you will never forget your loved one or stop missing them. But the image of the liberated doves may help funeral attendees find comfort in their passing. 

3. Celebration

A dove release will help people celebrate, even during an emotionally challenging time. Your dearly departed deserves to be remembered for the vibrant life they lived, and doves taking wing can remind attendees to celebrate life while mourning death.  


If you’re planning a celebration of life, consider including a dove release. In Erlanger, KY, A Sign of Peace White Dove Releases offers customizable options perfect for funeral services of all kinds. With help from their trained white doves, the compassionate team helps local residents celebrate their loved ones’ lives. Whether you want to release one dove or many, they are pleased to accommodate your unique preferences. To learn more about the local business, visit their website. You can also call a helpful professional today at (859) 727-3254.

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