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Keep Your Sprinkler System Up & Running With an Inspection June 19, 2018

Antelope Park, Lincoln
Keep Your Sprinkler System Up & Running With an Inspection, Lincoln, Nebraska

Summer is finally here, and that means your garden and landscaping will require additional watering to maintain its appearance. While you could hand-water each plant, it’s easier to utilize an automatic sprinkler system throughout your yard. Although it’s designed to be durable, even the best system can malfunction unexpectedly, making routine inspections and repairs necessary. Here’s what you need to know about sprinkler system checks.

They Preserve the System

Sprinkler SystemSprinklers are complex systems of pipes and equipment that send water to your landscaping when you need it. When not properly maintained, the pipes can clog or lose pressure, causing your system to malfunction or underperform. By scheduling an inspection with an experienced garden irrigation specialist, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your system is working properly.

They Save Water & Money

Even minor leaks can cause your water bill to skyrocket over the summer. As part of a routine inspection, your technician will inspect the waterlines, sprinkler heads, and equipment for cracks and leaks. If any are starting to form, they can make the necessary repairs to keep your system as efficient and affordable as possible.

They Improve Efficiency

Once your technician arrives, they’ll first check the main control and programming hub for your system. If the electronics appear to be in order, they’ll inspect your yard and clear any debris blocking the sprinkler heads and nozzles. Next, they’ll test the system and observe the spray patterns. If they look off, or a nozzle isn’t producing mist, they’ll troubleshoot the problem so you can get back to enjoying your lush landscape.


Give your sprinkler system the care it needs to function reliably this summer. Schedule an inspection with the team at Whitmore Sprinkler Company in Lincoln, NE. Their experienced staff can help with everything from new system installation to routine repairs and will quickly get your system running. Learn more online and call (402) 476-8552 to schedule an appointment.

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