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You Should Know These 4 Garage Door FAQs June 20, 2018

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You Should Know These 4 Garage Door FAQs, Elizabethtown, Kentucky

Your garage plays an important role in maintaining the safety and security of your home. Every homeowner should learn a bit about overhead doors so they can properly operate them and know when it’s time to call a repair professional. Below, Elizabethtown Overhead Inc. in Kentucky shares four questions they hear frequently.

4 Garage Door FAQs for Homeowners

Can I Replace Parts of my Overhead Door?

In many cases, it is possible for a garage door technician to replace parts of a door without having to remove and replace the entire thing. If your door stops working and electricity is not to blame, reach out to a professional to assess and fix the issue.

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How Long do Garage Doors Last?

Depending on quality and maintenance, overhead doors can last between 15 and 30 years. You can promote longevity by getting your door serviced every year to keep it operating safely.

What Types of Garage Doors Do You Offer?

When choosing a garage door company, make sure to look at their inventory of overhead doors. They come in many materials, like vinyl, wood, and steel, each of which offers different benefits. For example, wood is strong and durable but can be heavy. Vinyl is light, affordable, and can be made to look like other options depending on the way it’s molded.

How Long Does It Take to Install Garage Doors?

If you’re ready to upgrade your overhead door you’re probably wondering about install timing. This process typically takes a few hours but can last as long as a day or two if you’re getting your entire lift system and door mechanism replaced. Larger doors may require more time, as they involve extra mechanical components to lift the increased weight.


Whether your current garage door is in great shape or you’re in the market for a new one, it’s helpful to know your options. To learn more about overhead doors and installation, call Elizabethtown Overhead Inc. at (270) 763-9121. Visit their website for information on their garage door services.

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