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3 Tips to Spot Clean Upholstered Furniture June 25, 2018

Pearl City, Ewa
3 Tips to Spot Clean Upholstered Furniture, Ewa, Hawaii

Upholstered furniture pieces are often cherished, especially if they’re antique. Only one spill or stain can ruin them, which is why it’s helpful to know how to do a spot clean if needed. Here, the staff at Bears Carpet Care in Pearl City, HI, shares some insider techniques. Following these will ensure that you not only tackle basic stains effectively, but that you also protect upholstered furniture from damage.

3 Tips for Spot Cleaning Upholstery

1. Vacuum

upholstered-furniture-bears-carpet-care In some cases, a quick vacuuming will remove an older stain. If particles have settled into the fabric, the suction can loosen and remove them, which may be more effective than using stain removal products. If you have a light spill, a vacuum will suck up excess liquid, making the stain easier to remove later.

2. Blot

With a fresh spill, removing the liquid correctly will minimize stains. Never scrub or rub. The best way to handle cleanup is by blotting. Take a clean towel and press it on the liquid, allowing for absorption. This method will ensure that you don’t push any liquid further in and also draws out what may have begun to penetrate the fabric.

3. Wash

If you can remove the fabric on the upholstered furniture, wash it to remove stubborn stains. Make sure to read the care label thoroughly, as a washing machine or certain cleaners may damage the fabric.

If you’re still unable to remove a stain, turn to the professional cleaners at Bears Carpet Care. With over 15 years of experience, their staff has the knowledge needed to repair and clean a variety of fabric, including upholstered furniture and Oriental rugs. Call (808) 455-6174 today to request a free estimate, and visit the website to learn more about their carpet and furniture cleaning services.

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