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4 Important Questions About Parking Lot Resurfacing Answered June 27, 2018

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4 Important Questions About Parking Lot Resurfacing Answered, 9, Tennessee

Deep potholes and long cracks are both unsightly and potentially hazardous issues a parking lot can face. These problems, however, can be remedied by professional pavement repairs, creating a smooth and functional space once again. Since there are many different aspects of parking lot resurfacing, here is a helpful guide to various questions about the task.

Your Parking Lot Resurfacing FAQ

How Is It Done?

Instead of patching only the problematic areas, parking lot resurfacing involves the entire replacement of the material. Specialists place a new layer of asphalt about one to two inches thick over the existing top layer to create a smooth and damage-free space.

When Do Parking Lots Need Resurfacing?

parking lot resurfacingA key factoring in the decision to resurface a parking lot is the condition of the sublayer. If a considerable amount of the sublayer is damaged or has problems that may creep up shortly, a replacement of the asphalt may be necessary. If less than a quarter of the sublayer is in rough condition (the health of the layer can be determined through core testing), parking lot resurfacing is likely the best course of action.

What Are the Other Benefits?

Parking lot resurfacing is a practical way to increase a parking lot’s life span and boost aesthetic appeal without a huge financial loss. On average, the process can add another eight to 15 years of use.

What Maintenance Is Needed After a Resurfacing?

Resurfacing can make a rough parking lot feel like new again, but additional maintenance is recommended to keep it in the best shape possible. Starting around two years after the resurfacing is completed, annual crack filling and regular sealcoating will help preserve the surface’s condition and extend its life span.


If potholes and cracks are plaguing your parking lot, Bennett Paving in Cookeville, TN, is ready to help smooth things out. With more than four decades of experience, the company takes pride in its ability to handle a wide range of parking lot resurfacing tasks with professionalism and expertise. For more information on the services provided or to request a free estimate, call (931) 858-4596 or visit the website today.

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