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4 Reasons to Use Car Wraps Over Paint June 25, 2018

East New York, Brooklyn
4 Reasons to Use Car Wraps Over Paint, Brooklyn, New York

Maybe your car used to gleam in the sunlight as you traveled from one point to another, but over time, car paint fades. Instead of calling your local auto body shop to add a fresh coat of paint, consider a fast and easy alternative. Car wraps provide several outstanding benefits worth considering before you pay for a new paint job.

Top 4 Advantages Car Wraps Offer

1. Many Possibilities for a Unique Look

Car and truck wraps come in a wide variety of styles, patterns, and colors to provide your vehicle with a one-of-a-kind look. Pick an option that suits your personality and car type, whether you desire something bold and daring or subtle; the possibilities are endless.

2. Low Maintenance

car wrapsVehicle paint jobs require regular washing and waxing to keep them looking pristine. Car wraps need the occasional detail spray to maintain their appearance. This frees up your time spent on extensive auto care for your car or truck.

3. Increased Paint Protection

In addition to requiring little maintenance, car wraps protect the paint underneath. If your vehicle’s paint job is still in good condition and you want to keep it that way, why not protect it from sunlight, rain, hail, snow, pollen, and other debris from the natural world?

4. Easy Installation

Whether for a new or existing vehicle, a car paint job takes about two weeks to complete. It can take even longer if your local auto body shop is behind on their schedule. Vehicle wraps take five days at most to finish and you don’t have to wait for anything to dry.


Find the perfect car wrap for your vehicle at DTM Signs and Truck Wraps in Brooklyn, NY. The signage company offers years of industry experience in addition to an impressive inventory of quality products. Financing is also available for your convenience. Call (347) 312-5488 to schedule an appointment with the design team, or visit the website to review the project gallery.

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