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How to Determine When to Replace or Repair Shingles June 20, 2018

Kew Gardens, Queens
How to Determine When to Replace or Repair Shingles, Queens, New York
One of the benefits of a sturdy, well-maintained roof is the consistent protection it provides to homes against harsh weather conditions. Over time, the structure, specifically, its shingles, may become damaged. Depending on their condition, homeowners are left deciding whether it makes more financial sense to make repairs or do a full shingle replacement. Below are some factors to consider to help make the appropriate choice.

What Factors Determine When to Replace or Repair Shingles


Shingles are designed to provide a durable outer layer on a roof to guard against rain, wind, and other outside conditions. When they get damaged, the outcome can result in a structurally unsound roof that can trigger water leaks. Although most roofs are constructed to last several decades, shingles can deteriorate significantly faster.
shinglesOne of the signs that a full replacement of shingles might be the best solution is water spots. When water seeps under shingles and makes its way into a home, damage can be costly and dangerous. Pay attention to water rings on the ceilings and down walls. The presence of mold could also be the result of battered shingles with triggered holes and cracks in a roof.
Other reasons why a full shingle replacement is more financially feasible is if the roof's age has caused leaks and other exposure spots. Roofs on older homes may even need a complete overhaul. A replacement is also a likely option if it has sustained extensive damage from a fallen tree.


Shingles that have started to curl or buckle often require replacement. Licensed and experienced roofers have the training and tools to swap out damaged ones for new ones. The same is true for missing shingles. However, repair or replacement is typically financially feasible if only a few shingles are missing. Otherwise, a batch of them may signal that it’s time for a full shingle replacement.
In some cases, existing shingles that have curved up at the corners may just need some extra nails to tack them down. The key is to make sure the areas underneath are thoroughly inspected to ensure there aren't any holes or cracks for water leaks to form.
Protecting your home from costly water damage is worth taking the time and effort. JC Roofing & Siding in Kew Gardens, NY, is your trusted source for professional inspections of roofs of all makes and models. The certified and insured roofing contractor takes pride in providing residential and commercial clients with clear, upfront terms and pricing. If you're unsure about the condition of your roof's shingles, call (718) 261-1891 to schedule an inspection. Free estimates will gladly be provided. Visit the website for information on the company's full suite of roofing services.