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How America's Top Down Bedding Supplier Is Committing to Sustainability July 11, 2018

Mason, Warren
How America's Top Down Bedding Supplier Is Committing to Sustainability, Mason, Ohio

To help protect the environment and our future, more consumers and companies are becoming aware of the growing demand for sustainable products. DOWNLITE, the premier bedding professionals in the U.S., understand these concerns, which is why they have turned their focus to developing new down bedding with natural and recycled materials. Below, they explain everything you need to know about their efforts to focus on sustainability.

Down Bedding Manufacturer Turns Sustainable 

1. Down Fills

down beddingGRS Certified Re/charged™ Down is 100% recycled and offered in both grey and white colors. It has high-performance levels and is combined with DOWNLITE’s other performance-enhancing technologies to prevent any unwanted odors and ensure it maintains its durability. They also have Wool Down HALO™, which uses traceable wool and features the insulation benefits of temperature and humidity control while still maintaining the softness and compressibility of down.

2. Donations

One of the major sustainability initiatives that DOWNLITE has taken on is to donate 1% of all sales from their eco-friendly bedding collections to the organization, 1% For The Planet®. These funds are then used to fund solutions for environmental problems facing the earth.

3. Composting

DOWNLITE has also teamed up with an organic recycling company to use down feathers, which typically end up in landfills, as soil compost. These feathers are rich in keratin proteins that slowly release nitrogen when added to compost. This stimulates long-term plant growth.

If you’re interested in purchasing a down comforter for your home, then turn to the professionals at DOWNLITE for help choosing the right down bedding. They offer a wide selection of pillows and comforters to ensure you have nothing stopping you from achieving a good night’s sleep. Give them a call today at (866) 931-3696 to speak with a representative or visit their website for more information about their full list of sustainable products and services.