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Why You Should Leave Your Auto Work to a Professional June 19, 2018

Tariffville, Simsbury
Why You Should Leave Your Auto Work to a Professional, Simsbury, Connecticut

Whether your vehicle is relatively new or quite old, it requires preventive maintenance and occasional repairs to keep it in good running condition. Some tasks are easy enough to do on your own, such as replacing windshield wipers and air filters. However, other jobs are best left to an auto mechanic to save you from the stress and mess of a bungled job. Here’s what you need to know about having your car serviced by experts.  

What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Professional?

A skilled auto mechanic has the experience and expertise in working with different types of vehicles. They can identify problems accurately and recommend solutions or perform actions to address them accordingly. In addition, they have the right tools and equipment at their disposal to service your vehicle safely. Auto shops also typically carry or have quick access to replacement parts for faster turnaround. If the company is reputable, they will provide warranties on parts and labor and help you process claims with your insurance provider.

Why Shouldn’t You Do Some Repair Jobs Yourself?

auto mechanicAuto repair and maintenance tasks that involve complex and interconnected systems, such as the transmission and engine, are best left to experts who understand how each part works. Transmission repair, rotor replacement, electrical work, wheel alignment, and suspension issues, meanwhile, require specialized tools and equipment. Attempting to diagnose and fix problems like these could lead to even worse damages that need more costly repairs down the line.  

How Do You Find the Right Auto Mechanic?

To find a good auto mechanic, you need to do some research. Get referrals from the people you know, or you can search online to find highly-rated mechanics in your area. Look for AAA®-approved companies with ASE®-certified technicians; these are reliable indicators of excellent service quality. You can test out their services by starting with maintenance tasks, such as oil change, tire rotation, and battery inspection, before going in for major repair works. Lastly, ask about their payment terms, service rates, warranties, available parts, and estimates before setting an appointment.


If you need to have your car serviced, visit Tariffville Auto Sales & Repairs in Hartford County, CT. Their team of ASE-certified mechanics has been providing outstanding auto maintenance services, including engine tune-up, brake and transmission repair, and oil change, for over 25 years. Call them at (860) 325-5977 for a free estimate, or visit their website to learn more about the services the auto mechanics offer.

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