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3 Tips to Increasing Lung Capacity for Singers June 27, 2018

New York, Richmond
3 Tips to Increasing Lung Capacity for Singers, New York, New York

Singers must use a variety of muscles to produce the right sound. So, while you may have the will to belt out beautiful songs, poor lung capacity will hold you back. Below, DEA Music and Art, a top provider of singing lessons in Staten Island, NY, shares a few tips to help you avoid running out of breath.

How to Boost Your Lung Capacity

1. Slow Your Breathing

singing lessonsJust as you exercise your legs to run farther, you must work out your breathing to sing for longer. To start, take a deep breath through your diaphragm. You should feel your stomach pushing outward. Keep your shoulders down. Hold it for at least 10 seconds. Then, allow the air to release in a slow and controlled fashion. Repeat this several times throughout the day to continually improve your lung capacity.

2. Get Active

Cardiovascular exercises can help your heart as well as your lungs. As you sweat and increase your heart rate, more oxygen will be required to continue. Go for a run, walk up and down stairs, jump rope, and ride your bicycle. 

3. Play Other Instruments

Consider taking up a wind instrument in addition to singing lessons, such as the flute or clarinet. Even a simple harmonica can help. These tools require a high amount of air to produce noise. The more you play, the more you will strengthen the workings of your lungs.

For further help refining your musical ability, check out DEA Music and Art. With three locations in Staten Island, NY, they are the go-to team for all types of art classes. From keyboard and singing lessons to guitar instruction, they can help all ages master music. They even provide a child summer camp for those looking to invest more time in their craft. For more information on their singing lessons, visit their website or call (718) 370-7733 today.