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Expecting a Child? 3 Features to Consider When Car Shopping June 18, 2018

Gorst, Kitsap
Expecting a Child? 3 Features to Consider When Car Shopping, Gorst, Washington

There’s no better time to reorder your priorities than when you have your first child, especially when it comes to your car. Your vehicle might have been perfect for you when you first got it, but how does it hold up for new parents? When shopping for a used car, new parents have to consider a variety of factors that might not have been important before.

3 Factors New Parents Should Consider When Shopping for Used Cars

1. Safety Features

used carsYour priority as a new parent is to keep your child safe. Before hitting the used car lot, take some time to review the safety features and crash test ratings of each vehicle you’re interested in. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety provides in-depth reviews of each vehicle’s ability to avoid accidents and protect you in a crash, giving you the information you need to make an informed decision.

2. Enough Space

Kids take up a lot of space in your vehicle. Not only will you need room for the car seat, but you’ll also have to stow the diaper bags and toys, with enough space left over for groceries and other items. If you currently drive a two-door vehicle, now is the perfect time to look for a used car with easier access to the back seat.

3. Reliability

With all of the pressures of being a new parent, you don’t want to worry about a broken-down car. Investing in a low-mileage used car with good reliability ratings will give you peace of mind for years to come.


As one of Bremerton, WA’s most trusted used car dealers, Northwest Rides offers a comfortable, low-pressure sales environment and an incredible selection of high-quality, low-mileage vehicles. If you’re expecting your first child, their team will help select a used car to suit your needs. Visit their website to browse their wide selection of vehicles, call (360) 813-3516 with any questions, and follow their Facebook page for news and updates.

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