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Will Residential Window Tinting Increase My Property Value? June 29, 2018

Ballwin, St. Louis County
Will Residential Window Tinting Increase My Property Value?, Ballwin, Missouri

From blinds to curtains, there are many different window treatments available for homeowners to choose from. But among all of these options, none may be as beneficial as residential window tinting. Performed by placing specialized film on glass, this service will quickly transform your windows, making them look darker without obstructing your view to the outside. However, this treatment offers more than just an overall home appearance upgrade—it can also help increase your property value.

3 Ways Residential Window Tinting Can Boost Your Home’s Value

1. Reduces Energy Costs

By preventing sunlight from fully penetrating the glass, window tinting reduces excess heat from passing through to the indoors. This insulation is so powerful that homeowners typically find it not only keeps the interior more comfortable, but that it also helps lower cooling costs during the summer. Working to reduce energy expenses as well as minimize environmental impact, this treatment appeals to many modern buyers.

2. Prevents Sun Damage

residential window tintingWhen windows aren’t treated, the sun’s ultraviolet rays will easily find their way into your home. In addition to increasing skin cancer risks, these UV rays can cause any exposed property to fade or experience sun damage. Tinting can filter out these rays, allowing you to leave your view open without worrying about how sunlight may be impacting your home’s value over time.

3. Improves Privacy

While shutters, curtains, and blinds will keep your home private, they can block your view of the outside world. If you’re looking for an alternative that will preserve your view, residential window tinting offers a transparent look outdoors, while making it difficult for outsiders to view into the property. By preventing potential burglars from spying into your house, tinted windows are an excellent home security enhancement.


Serving the Ballwin, MO, area for nearly two decades, Premier Window Tinting is the top choice for residential glass upgrades. Equipped with extensive experience and high-quality products, this team is able to quickly install residential window tinting to offer maximum protection, style, and return-on-investment. To learn more about how this company can tint all the windows in your life, visit their website. For estimates and service appointments, call a friendly tint shop associate at (314) 489-7190.

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