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Do’s & Don’ts When Pulled Over for Drunk Driving June 19, 2018

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Do’s & Don’ts When Pulled Over for Drunk Driving, Walden, New York

Drinking and driving is a serious offense punishable under criminal law. If found guilty, it can significantly impact your personal and professional life. To avoid a DUI arrest or conviction, you must properly conduct yourself when pulled over. Here are a few essential do’s and don’ts to follow in this situation. 


Limit your answers. 

Under the Fifth Amendment, you have the right to remain silent when questioned by police. Your instinct may be to defend yourself, but doing so helps to build the prosecution’s case. Limit answers to officer’s questions to avoid inadvertently incriminating yourself. 

Refuse to take field sobriety tests. 

People are often confused as to what the criminal law requirements are when it comes to field sobriety tests. These are voluntary no matter what a police officer may say to make you think otherwise. It’s in your best interest to refuse any request to perform a roadside exam, as they are subjective and often give law enforcement more evidence to use against you. 


Be combative.

criminal lawEven if you believe you’ve been stopped for an unjustifiable reason, you should remain polite when engaging with the police. Being combative and uncooperative will only work to your disadvantage and can cause the situation to escalate quickly. Provide your license, registration, and insurance information when asked, and stay in the car unless told to step out. 

Fail to consult a criminal defense attorney. 

If arrested, it’s imperative to exercise your right to ask for a representative immediately. A qualified attorney who is well-versed in criminal law knows how to navigate the state’s legal process. They will offer quality legal guidance to protect your rights. 


If stopped for a DUI, remember that your behavior can impact the outcome of the case. Enlist a lawyer who has the knowledge and experience in criminal law to fight for your rights; residents of Walden, NY, turn to the seasoned team at Ozman Law Offices for the best DUI defense. The attorneys have an established reputation for effective counsel and representation. Call (845) 778-7777 to schedule a consultation, or visit their website to learn more about their services. 

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