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What to Consider When Buying a Home With a Well July 2, 2018

Flathead Reservation, Lake
What to Consider When Buying a Home With a Well, Flathead Reservation, Montana

Buying a home is an exciting chapter in anyone’s life, but it’s also an event that requires a lot of consideration. While most homes are connected to a municipal water service that is regulated and clean, others rely on a well instead. With proper well maintenance, these sources can provide perfectly healthy and clean water, but there are a few considerations prospective homeowners should keep in mind before signing on the dotted line.

3 To-Do’s for a Home With a Well

1. Research Water Issues in the Region

Every area has its own unique set of water conditions. Knowing what kinds of issues commonly affect your future home’s water is a perfect way to stay ahead of them. Not only will you be able to navigate the tasks more smoothly, but you’ll also know the signs of potential problems, such as taste and smell. This knowledge will let you contact the necessary professionals as early as possible if red flags do appear, keeping you and your family safe and healthy.

2. Have Well Maintenance Professionals Test the Water

well maintenanceYou should always have well maintenance professionals test the water as soon as possible. While there are some water kits that offer at-home testing, interpreting the results requires the training and expertise of a professional and often must be completed in a lab setting. The more accurate the test results, the more that can be done to fix any issues that are found. This is also a good opportunity to set up a regular testing schedule for your well water if you are planning to buy the home.

3. Keep All Records

Keeping an accurate history of the water’s status is important for proper well maintenance. If you receive any documentation during the home-purchasing process, it should be kept in a secure location. The same goes for any testing documents that you or a professional performs. This accurate record is useful for identifying any problematic periods for the well and will allow the professionals to address the issue with the appropriate solution quicker.


If you need well maintenance or water treatment services in the Polson, MT, area, there’s no better choice than Ace Drilling. With more than 30 years of combined experience, brothers Dave and Jay Bick captain the family-owned and -operated company with a focus on exceptional customer service. For more information on their water treatment systems, call (406) 883-3300 or visit their website today.

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