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3 Tips to Help You Sleep Better During Your Pregnancy July 4, 2018

Mason, Warren
3 Tips to Help You Sleep Better During Your Pregnancy, Mason, Ohio

When you’re pregnant, you need a lot of rest. While you’ll likely still have to get up a few times each night to readjust or head to the bathroom, there are a few steps you can take to make rest more comfortable. From fluffing your feather pillows to napping, here are a few easy tips to adopt. 

A Guide to Restful Sleep While You’re Pregnant

1. Make Use of Cat Naps

If you’re not sleeping through the night, you’ll likely feel unrested during the day. Rather than struggling to battle fatigue during the late afternoon, take a nap. This will allow you to catch up on the sleep you’re missing at night and help you stay fresh and alert during the day. All it takes is 15 minutes of rest to start feeling more refreshed.

2. Sleep in the Right Position

Feather PillowsAs your baby bump grows, you’ll need to accommodate your changing body. If you’re a side-sleeper, place down pillows between your knees to better align your hips and distribute your weight across the mattress. If you experience heartburn, add a few firm feather pillows behind your shoulders to gently prop yourself up.

3. Keep Exercising

Exercise can help alleviate stress and has the added bonus of wearing your body out so it’s ready to rest. If you’re already active, consult with your physician about maintaining an exercise routine. If you’re not, start by taking short but frequent walks around the house, office, or block. Even a small amount of exercise will help you sleep better at night without constantly having to readjust your feather pillows and bedding.


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