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How to Fix Streaks on Prints & Scans June 26, 2018

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How to Fix Streaks on Prints & Scans, Anchorage, Alaska

No one wants their prints to be covered in ink lines, specks, and smudges. Unsightly imperfections reduce the quality of your printouts, scans, and copies, causing you to redo your work and delay getting your finished product. Here are a few ways to fix streaking on your printer and copier output.

Tips for Fixing Streaks & Smudges From Your Printer

Too Much Ink

When you notice ink spots, smudges, and streaks on your hard copies, there are a few reasons behind the trouble. Residue on the glass plate from a previous print can transfer to your current job. This leftover ink can also cause trouble for your scans, with marks showing up where these remnants are stuck on the surface. Clean off the glass with a gentle, neutral cleaner and a microfiber cloth.

printerSmudges and smears may occur when the print is not given enough time to dry. While some paper soaks up the ink well and dries quickly, glossier stock or photo paper needs more time. If not given ample dry time, the ink will streak, ruining your product and leaving behind a mess on your equipment that will affect the next job.

Uneven Printing

If you notice that parts of your copies have too much ink while others are missing sections, check the roller in your printer or copier. Sometimes, ink can build up on this component and affect how the toner is distributed on your hard copies. Wipe down the roller with a clean cloth to remove any caked-on particles.

When your roller is fine, but you still see imperfections from your printer or copier, check the cartridge for signs of excess toner coming out. Sometimes, removing the ink and giving it a gentle shake will realign the powder inside. If it is still leaking too much or causing uneven printing, it may be a problem with the cartridge itself, and a new one is needed.

The paper you are using can also cause problems that lead to poor output. Matte copier paper soaks up more toner and will produce a duller finish, while glossy or semi-gloss provides a sharper result because the ink adheres to its top layer. Paper is also affected by the quality and type of toner. Make sure your ink and paper are compatible; read the manufacturers recommendations for the best combination.


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