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How to Prevent Foot Pain While Running June 15, 2018

Financial District, Manhattan
How to Prevent Foot Pain While Running , Manhattan, New York

Running is more than a form of exercise; it can provide stress-relief, happiness or “runner’s high,” and a sense of accomplishment. But if you’re not careful, it can also lead to foot pain. Based in New York City, New York Foot Experts is the community’s go-to foot doctor, helping to alleviate foot pain as a result of sports injuries and other conditions. Their team offers advice on how to prevent running-related foot pain. 

How to Prevent Foot Pain While Running 

Where the Right Socks & Shoes

Make sure you’re wearing socks and shoes that fit. Your feet can change size and shape throughout your lifetime, particularly if you’re pregnant. Shoes that are too small can cause black toenails and foot pain, while shoes too narrow can cause corns, bunions, pinched nerves, and calluses. Too-large shoes can result in blisters. If you’re not sure of your exact shoe size, your podiatrist or a shoe store associate can help. In addition to properly-sized footwear, opt for moisture-wicking socks to keep your feet dry, reducing the risk of fungus. 

Ice & Moisturize

footpainAfter a rigorous workout, ice your feet. Soak them in an ice bath for 15 to 20 minutes to lessen inflammation and reduce foot pain. You can also raise your leg, propping it on a chair or ottoman, and apply an ice pack. After icing, use a foot cream moisturizer to prevent cracks. Look for ingredients such as tea tree and peppermint oil which will also help to prevent fungus. 

Practice Strength Training

Strength training helps condition your muscles to reduce the risk of foot pain and injury. You can strengthen your feet with a variety of movements, such as toe raises, curls, splays, extensions, and Achilles stretches. This will help your feet stay pointed forward, rather than turning outward, while you run.

Listen to Your Body

As an athlete, you may be inclined to power through foot pain and other forms of discomfort to achieve your goals. However, it’s important to listen to your body and take note when something doesn’t feel right. Minor aches are natural, especially if you’re training regularly. However, sharp pains could indicate a serious issue; if it persists, see your podiatrist for help. 

Don’t let foot pain get you down. If you’re experiencing discomfort, bunions, a sprained ankle, or another podiatric condition, visit the doctors at New York Foot Experts for help. Their highly-trained staff is equipped with state-of-the-art tools and technology to treat a broad range of issues. Call (212) 385-0801 to schedule an appointment or visit their website to find a location near you.