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4 Industries That Benefit From Shipping Services October 22, 2019

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4 Industries That Benefit From Shipping Services, Honolulu, Hawaii

Many people routinely purchase products from other continents and have them shipped directly to their homes. Businesses may have suppliers who live halfway across the world. This global market requires a speedy method for transporting goods. Finding reliable shipping service is essential for this. Here are five industries that rely on them.

4 Industries That Require Top-Quality Shipping Services

1. Manufacturing

Manufacturing companies constantly need to both transport their finished products and obtain the necessary parts to complete projects, which often must be ordered from distant suppliers. Because of this—and because much of their work must proceed on a tight schedule—they often seek a reliable way to transport their goods.

2. Moving

shipping servicesWhen individuals move significant distances, they must find ways to transport everything from furniture to vehicles. The same is true when a company decides to switch its headquarters between cities—facilitating the transport of office equipment, files, and furniture can be difficult, and finding an organization who can provide shipping services is critical.

3. Medicine

Medical companies need ways to ship specimens, drugs, and more. Because of the fragile nature of these items, the company they hire must provide maximum safety, as well as temperature-controlled shipping containers. They must also be trustworthy to complete deliveries on schedule, since much of this work is time-sensitive.

4. Food

Restaurants—especially ones that serve ethnic foods that are not natural to their region—often have to order ingredients, drinks, and other perishables from great distances. For this, they require a company that offers temperature-controlled shipping. Also, because the day-to-day function of a restaurant relies on receiving these shipments on time, schedules must be tightly adhered to and commitments must be honored.


If your business needs to transport items between Hawaii and the mainland, turn to the team at MFS Freight Services. With agents in Honolulu, Oakland, and Los Angeles, they have worked hard for over 50 years to provide their clients with the best and most reliable shipping services possible, which is why they offer climate-controlled shipping and even off-site storage options. To learn more about what they will do for you, visit them online or call (808)847-3015 today.

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