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Veterinarian Lists 4 "People Foods" Your Dog Can Eat June 15, 2018

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Veterinarian Lists 4 "People Foods" Your Dog Can Eat, Waynesboro, Virginia

When it comes to caring for man’s best friend, there are several actions you should take to keep them healthy, from scheduling regular veterinarian appointments to feeding them the right diet. It can be tempting to want to feed your pet some people food from time to time, but there are certain ones that can make them sick. If you want to sneak your pet a snack from the table, these four foods are safe for your furry friend.

4 Safe People Foods for Your Dog

1. Carrots

Raw or cooked, carrots are safe for your companion to eat. They are loaded with fiber and vitamins and minerals like biotin and B6, as well as very little calories. When served raw, they provide a crunchy snack for your dog to chew on.

veterinarian2. Peanut Butter

Another table food that is safe for man’s best friend is peanut butter, although it should be served sparingly due to high fat and sodium. To keep your pet as healthy as possible when eating peanut butter, select a plain, unsalted variety and stick to smearing just a little at a time on a bone or treat.

3. Eggs

Cooked eggs are an incredibly nutritious treat for your dog—just make sure to cook the eggs thoroughly before serving them up. Because they’re loaded with protein and important vitamins, eggs are an excellent table food you can treat your dog to.

4.  Salmon

Another good source of protein for your companion is salmon, which is also loaded with omega-3s and can help keep your dog’s coat shiny and healthy. Opt for boneless varieties and cook it before giving it to your pet. 

There is a variety of healthy foods you can eat and treat your dog to as well. However, remember to always contact your veterinarian if you feed your dog a new food and they have an adverse reaction.


Woodworth Animal Hospital is located in Waynesboro, VA, and provides important veterinarian services to pets of all shapes and sizes. Whether you’re looking for more information on what to feed your pet or simply need to schedule a wellness visit for them, the veterinarians at Woodworth Animal Hospital are skilled and equipped to keep your pet healthy and happy. To learn more about this animal hospital, visit their website or call (540) 942-5163.

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