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5 Advantages of Home Care After Surgery July 3, 2018

Huntsville, Madison
5 Advantages of Home Care After Surgery, Huntsville, Alabama

How long it takes you to recover from surgery depends on your procedure and your prior health, but always requires plenty of rest so your body can heal. One of the best and most effective ways to ensure a successful recovery is with home care services. Home health aides and caregivers assist with everyday tasks among other wellness aspects make your healing time as seamless and stress-free as possible.

How Home Care Benefits You After Surgery

1. Medication Reminders & Administration

Your home health aide provides medication reminders to help you stay on your antibiotics or other treatment courses as per your surgeon’s recommendations. The caregiver also administers medications, drain fluids, and changes bandage dressings if necessary.

2. Progress Observations & Reports

home careCaregivers observe your recovery progress and how you react to medications or other treatments. If you react poorly to a certain medication, for example, your home care assistant will alert your surgeon and general physician immediately to determine what you need to do.

3. Meal Preparation

Meal preparation seems extra daunting while you are regaining your strength. Your caregiver provides light cooking services, so you enjoy nutritious, satisfying meals that give you energy and hasten your recovery.

4. Personal Care Help

Depending on your surgery, your mobility may be limited, and you may require assistance bathing and getting dressed. Home care service health aids provide grooming assistance such as hair brushing and makeup application.

5. Light Housekeeping & Errand Assistance

Housekeeping and errands typically fall to the bottom of to-do lists after surgery. A home care assistant provides these vital services to keep your house clean and your refrigerator and bathroom cabinets stocked. A clean home is a healthy home with better indoor air quality, while necessary errands such as food shopping keep the nutritious food coming in. Caregivers also take over strenuous activities such as bringing heavy shopping bags in the house so you do not overexert yourself.


When you need extra assistance, Interim Healthcare provides residents throughout Huntsville, AL and the surrounding areas with home care services they can depend on. The assisted living service has delivered quality care for over 50 years and features a roster of compassionate caregivers ready to help. Call (256) 469-2100 or visit them online for more information.

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