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A Guide to Selecting the Perfect Anniversary Flower Arrangement June 15, 2018

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A Guide to Selecting the Perfect Anniversary Flower Arrangement , Port Jervis, New York

A flower arrangement is a thoughtful gift to give your loved one on a special anniversary. It not only reminds them you care, but the present will also brighten the home. There are a few steps you should take to ensure you select a bouquet that sends the right message, says Laurel Grove Florist of Port Jervis, NY. Here, they offer a simple guide to making the perfect choice.

Pick Something With Meaning

Does your loved one have a favorite flower or color they are partial to? Infuse the bouquet with meaning by selecting the same blossoms used at the wedding ceremony, or by having a florist create a flower arrangement with the blooms they kept around the house when you first met. Giving a gift with special meaning makes it more personal and endearing.

Send the Right Message

flower arrangementDifferent flowers have varying meanings. Although roses are typically associated with love and are a popular type to put in an anniversary bouquet, they aren’t the only choice. If your loved one has an especially cheerful personality that always brightens your day, give them a few sunflowers instead. Have a formal celebration planned for the big day? Lilies are an elegant choice with an exquisite fragrance.

Work With a Professional

When constructing a flower bouquet, you need to take the color, shape, size, and other factors into account. A florist is experienced in creating arrangements that send varying messages and will work with you to select the flowers that represent the occasion and your sentiment. They’ll have suggestions and ensure the result is beautiful and meaningful.

For over a century, Laurel Grove Florist has helped Port Jervis residents send special messages with flowers. They offer everything from gorgeous flower arrangements for anniversaries to gift baskets and tropical plants. Select a convenient pre-made bouquet online or work with an experienced floral designer to come up with your own creation. To discuss your ideas with their staff, call (845) 856-2713 today. 

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