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How to Help Your Child Overcome Their Fear of Swimming June 15, 2018

Allston, Boston
How to Help Your Child Overcome Their Fear of Swimming, Boston, Massachusetts

Many children who don’t know how to swim have some fear about entering the water. Fortunately, swimming lessons can help lessen these fears. Here, the instructors at Charles River Aquatics in Allston, MA, share a guide to overcoming swimming anxiety. 

Common Swimming Concerns for Parents

What Happens When a Child Is Afraid of Water?

If your child is worried about entering the water, an experienced instructor can devise a gentler way of learning to swim. In many cases, simply discussing how swimming works can help children understand that they don’t need to be afraid when jumping in the water. Your children should also avoid using any toys or flotation devices—these provide a false sense of security and may cause them to resist going in the pool if these items aren’t present. 

Why Are Swimming Lessons Important?

swimming lessonAccording to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), two of the 10 people who die every day because of unintentional drownings are children younger than 14. Learning to swim can save your child’s life and is a skill they will always have. Children who know how to swim will also develop healthy workout habits. It provides a high-intensity cardio workout, which promotes a healthy heart, and releases endorphins, which improves moods. 

How Quickly Will a Child Learn to Swim?

Every child is different, but the frequency of lessons, their age, and whether classes are private or group can impact how quickly a child learns to swim. The Red Cross recommends waiting until a child’s fourth birthday before beginning individual lessons. 

If your child is scared of dipping their feet in the pool or lake, contact Charles River Aquatics for swimming lessons. They provide full- and half-day summer camps for kids. Their classes are arranged by skill level and limited to five people per instructor, so your child gets the attention they deserve. To learn more about their class schedule, visit their website or call (617) 207-4340.

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