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How Does Electrolysis Work? July 11, 2018

Flower Mound, Denton
How Does Electrolysis Work?, Flower Mound, Texas

While there are several effective hair removal methods on the market, most are temporary. If you’re looking for a permanent solution for unwanted hair, electrolysis eliminates hair for good over the course of several sessions. Learn more about this method from the experts at Hair Today Gone Tomorrow in Dallas and Flower Mound, TX.

Quick Guide to Electrolysis

The Process

Electrolysis targets individual hairs and destroys them from the root. During the procedure, a professional electrologist inserts a very fine needle into the hair follicle and applies an electrical current. Consequently, the follicle is destroyed and will no longer produce hair.

The Method

Electrologists employ three different methods that rely on energy from heat, chemicals, or both to burn off excess hair. The techniques currently in practice include:

  • GElectrolysisalvanic Electrolysis relies on chemical reactions to prevent further hair growth cells.
  • Thermolysis involves heat, as the name suggests.
  • Combination employs both; the heat generates a chemical reaction that destroys the hair growth center.

The Duration

The length of each hair removal session depends on how large the treatment area is. The complete procedure may take up to 18 months to ensure permanent hair removal from the treated site. Factors like hair texture, heredity, hormonal imbalances, stress, and reactions to certain medicines may affect the expected time frame.

The Number of Treatments Required

While it’s easier to break down fine hair, thick and coarse areas of hair growth may require multiple visits. Consult the electrologist to come up with a treatment plan tailored to your specific hair removal requirements. Following their recommendations will typically yield results within the promised turnaround time.

Unwanted hair growth can make you feel self-conscious about your appearance. With help from the experts at Hair Today Gone Tomorrow, you can ensure permanent hair removal from your face and body. Serving clients in Dallas and Flower Mound, TX, they offer specialized electrolysis and laser treatments to eliminate excess hair. For further information about their services, call (682) 593-1442 and visit their website.

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