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4 Late Pregnancy Symptoms to Know About September 17, 2018

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4 Late Pregnancy Symptoms to Know About, Suffern, New York

Pregnancy is a beautiful process, but it can come with some uncomfortable side effects. While morning sickness is common in the beginning of a pregnancy, there are numerous symptoms that may occur toward the end of your journey. The compassionate birthing experts at Home Birth with Love in Suffern, NY, explain what you can expect as your pregnancy progresses.

Symptoms You May Experience Toward the End of Your Pregnancy

1. Insomnia

pregnancyWhile you should get all the sleep you can before baby arrives, the end of a pregnancy often causes discomfort while sleeping. Whether it's from pain, cramping, or restlessness, insomnia is frustrating. To settle yourself before bedtime, try releasing all your energy with some light exercise. You can also try to play soothing sounds, listen to sleep-promoting podcasts, or test out a new pillow.

2. Contractions

Early contractions can start in the last few weeks of pregnancy, leaving you feeling uncomfortable and uncertain whether you’re going into labor. If they're not consistent, then it's likely not labor; but, you should always let your doctor know what you feel so they can properly assess the situation.

3. Heartburn

Many moms experience intense heartburn in their last trimester, but it's usually nothing to be concerned about. Ask your midwife or doctor about what natural remedies they recommend to ease it — and try to avoid spicy foods that may trigger it.

4. Pressure

Your baby will drop in the last month or so to prepare for delivery; until that happens, it can leave you feeling immense pressure in your pelvis. Certain exercises or movements can help, such as pelvic tilts or putting your feet up whenever you get the chance.

While late pregnancy symptoms can be uncomfortable, the team at Home Birth with Love offers successful treatments for pregnancy-related symptoms. Whether you want to plan a home birth or need an experienced midwife, Home Birth with Love offers everything you need. With nearly 18 years of experience, they are well-equipped to help you in all stages. To learn more about their treatments for pregnancy symptoms, visit them online or call (845) 641-5058 to set up a consultation today.

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