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3 Ways to Clean Residential Glass Without Causing Damage June 14, 2018

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3 Ways to Clean Residential Glass Without Causing Damage, Rochester, New York

From dust and dirt tracked into the house to oils left by fingerprints, property windows and mirrors can quickly become coated in layers of grime. When it comes to cleaning residential glass, the products and techniques used on other dingy surfaces could leave these fixtures covered in scratches. To prevent damaging your investments, below are three helpful hints for cleaning the material. 

How to Maintain Residential Glass 

1. Use Distilled Water Instead of Tap

If you wash glass with water or use it to dilute commercial cleaning products, the liquid from faucets could leave behind scratches. Although hard minerals in tap water are too tiny to see, the microscopic particles cut these items. To prevent this from happening, use distilled water to clean the fixtures. The liquid doesn’t contain additives, chemicals, and other harsh deposits that cause damage.

2. Avoid Abrasive Materials to Remove Tough Stains

Rochester glassIf the glass is caked in dirt or soap scum, you might be tempted to use steel wool, nylon pads, or similar products to break up the stuck-on grease. Although the rough fibers in abrasive products remove stubborn stains, they also scratch the glass. Use a microfiber cloth soaked with mild detergent to address grime. Apply circular motions and light pressure to wash, then dry one side of a panel in long horizontal strokes and the other in vertical lines. Doing so makes it easier to detect any imperfections in the surfaces.

3. Use a Cotton Swab or Soft Toothbrush for the Corners

When the fixtures are encased in frames, it’s difficult to reach the corners. Avoid using a large cloth for the job, as it’s easy to accidentally nick the glass with your palm. To clean hard-to-reach cracks and crevices without causing damage, choose a small item, like a cotton swab or soft toothbrush.


If broken or fogged glass is impacting the value and appearance of your property, reach out to Mr. Glass in Rochester, NY, for help. With over 40 years of experience, the shop’s friendly staff has the tools and training to install high-quality replacement windows and custom mirrors to restore the beauty, security, and efficiency of your space. To learn more about the residential glass products the company carries and installs, visit them online. To schedule a service appointment in Monroe County, call (585) 271-1270 today, and visit the team on Facebook to see pictures of past projects. 

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