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Beautiful Blooms From Flowerworks Make Chic Prom Corsages May 19, 2015

Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn
Beautiful Blooms From Flowerworks Make Chic Prom Corsages, Brooklyn, New York

Prom is an exciting time for high school students, but it’s also an expensive event. From the glamorous dresses to the limos and after-parties, prom comes with a significant price tag. One of the loveliest traditions is that of the corsage for the young lady, and their suitors don’t want to skimp on a pretty floral adornment just because it might be cost prohibitive. When you get your prom corsage from Flowerworks in Brooklyn, your flowers will not only be beautiful but they will be reasonably priced. Your date will feel beautiful and special, but your wallet won’t be empty!

Because women’s fashions are trending toward spaghetti straps and all-together strapless, it’s best for you to choose an elegant wrist corsage. That way, you can also avoid the difficulties that come with sticking sharp pins near your date’s delicate skin. Flowerworks offers several styles and sizes, so that you can work within a budget and also match the young woman’s dress. If she loves roses (and is wearing black, white or even red), you might want to choose the Rose Trio Wrist Corsage—it’s a classic. If your date is a bit whimsical, you should definitely consider the Lavender Rose Wrist Corsage, as it is dramatic and unique. Of course, there are pink flowers and blue flowers and flowers of every different hue, so as long as you know what your date will be wearing, Flowerworks will have something special for you.

Flowerworks can also supply corsages and boutonnières for weddings and other special events. They offer free flower delivery service for local online orders and will happily work with you to design the right flower arrangement to meet and exceed your expectations. For birthday flowers, wedding flowers or “I Just Wanted to Say You’re Lovely” flowers, call Flowerworks at (718) 230-9393 or send them an email at