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Your Guide to Figuring Out How Many Porta-Potties You Need June 14, 2018

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Your Guide to Figuring Out How Many Porta-Potties You Need, Lemon, Ohio

Renting porta-potties for an event lets you host the party outdoors or at a venue that’s beautiful but has too few restrooms to accommodate your guests. To ensure the festivities go off without a hitch, though, it’s crucial to make sure you rent not only enough toilets, but also the right ones, according to the team at Johnny’s A-1 Sanitation in Trenton, OH.

Determining the Right Number of Porta-Potties

First, get an accurate headcount of the people who will be attending your event. Experts say as a general rule, you need one restroom for every 50 people for a party that lasts between one and four hours, and two for the same number if the festivities will go on for five hours or more. That’s only if you don’t plan on serving alcohol, though. If there will be a bar, add 30% more to the total number of bathrooms.

porta-pottiesFiguring Out Which Kind to Rent

Additionally, spend time thinking about who will be attending the event. If there will be children, you’ll need bathrooms with accessible hand-washing stations and changing tables. If the party is formal, consider renting luxury trailers with heat and air conditioning in addition to individual stalls and running water. It’s also always a good idea to have at least one handicapped stall. Even if no one attending is in a wheelchair, you may have a guest with limited mobility due to an accident, and they will be grateful for the additional room and convenient entry.

For almost 70 years, the team at Johnny’s A-1 Sanitation has been working with both residential and commercial customers in Butler, Warren, and Hamilton counties. Whether you need to rent porta-potties for an upcoming party or require assistance with a plumbing issue, they will be happy to help. To learn more, call (513) 988-5880 or visit them online today.

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