Kalaheo Ahupua`a, Hawaii

Coconut Palms In The Hawaiian Garden December 19, 2018

Kalaheo Ahupua`a, Eleele-Kalaheo
Coconut Palms In The Hawaiian Garden, Eleele-Kalaheo, Hawaii

The Kona Coast of Hawaii has attracted homeowners from all over the United States and the world, for that matter. Each new arrival that buys a piece of land in Hawaii’s planned communities is required to hire a licensed landscape architect to design their landscape plan. These same developments have strict design guidelines that must be followed for irrigation and night lighting plans as well.  By hiring the design professionals at Greg Boyer Landscape Corp these requirements are easily achieved.

The coconut palm is used so often in these popular communities that homeowner associations will limit the number of coconut palms that can be planted per lot.  The trunk heights of these coconut palms are required to be specified and installed at varying heights to allow for viewing either over or under the palm fronds.  By controlling the number of coconuts per lot and their trunk heights, all homeowners will be able to enjoy their piece of the beautiful ocean view.

Somehow, the coconut palm creates a feeling of the tropics and that idyllic tropical garden.  Planning the final placement of these large specimens in your garden allows for the strategic placement of a relaxing hammock for napping, viewing a sunset, and the always exciting seasonal whale watching.

Coconuts are available from several coconut plantations in varying heights and maturity.  Most mature coconuts are installed with 12 feet to 25 feet of brown trunk.  Since the ocean view is so important, the taller palms are often installed to frame views rather than block them.  The trunks can be straight, slightly curving, really curving or uniquely grotesque; providing garden interest.

Photos of coconut palms recently installed by landscape contractor, Greg Boyer Landscape Corp show the mature sizes used in a `Private Kona Garden’.  These tall specimens provided instant shade, a tropical noise and a sense of maturity.  They helped to create that feeling of an instant garden required by many clientele.

The design-build team at Greg Boyer Landscape Corp are highly skilled at creating a beautiful tropical garden.  They specialize in garden design and installation and their 5 acre Kona nursery offers a variety of tropical palms and shrubs to compliment the forever iconic coconut palm.  Be sure to call a professional at (808)-239-8264 or visit the website for a complete list of services.