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7 Fun Facts About the Inimitable Cirque Du Soleil June 14, 2018

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7 Fun Facts About the Inimitable Cirque Du Soleil, Robertsville, New Jersey

Cirque Du Soleil performances are designed to excite, inspire, and dazzle audiences. They are nationally renowned as one of the largest touring circuses in the world, producing theatrical shows replete with everything from stunts to displays of contortion. To shed some light on the magic behind the scenes, premier circus performing school New Jersey Circus Center shares seven fun facts about the troupe.

What You Didn’t Know About Cirque Du Soleil 

1. They Are Opposed to Using Animals

For ethical reasons, Cirque du Soleil never employs animals in their shows. They ethically disagree with the way animals are trained in high-pressure circus performing environments, as well as their cruel caging. Instead, they prefer to let the human performers take center stage.

2. Siblings & Couples Often Share Routines

Cirque du Soleil employs many talented twins and couples who perform dynamic routines together—sometimes making up as much as a quarter of the show’s artists. With their history and years of practice as a duo, these pairs bring a strong chemistry and connection to the stage. 

3. Cirque Is Creative With Costume Design

circus performingMany are familiar with Cirque’s glittering and whimsical wardrobes that bring their unique characters and themes to life. But did you know that all the costumes are made in-house? The company employs a creative team of over 300 talented designers, sewers, and printmakers. To deal with the high volume of circus performing costumes, the staff does a 3D scan of each individual’s body to render a perfect fit and reduce the need for time-intensive alterations. 

4. There Offer a Variety of Shows

The resident show is one where their predominantly Las Vegas talent stay on location for an indeterminate time. The famous big-top show refers to the traveling production that visits fairgrounds in their circus tent for multiple week intervals. The traveling arena show is their newest installment, and it operates out of large arenas and stadiums.

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