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Should You Invest in Stove Repairs? June 14, 2018

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Should You Invest in Stove Repairs?, Walton Park, New York

Dealing with stove issues can be frustrating, especially if they’re impacting your ability to prepare daily meals. Unfortunately, such issues could be symptoms of a bigger problem, so it’s essential to be able to identify when you need stove repairs. Here, you’ll find some more detailed information on how to spot warning signs your stove requires the eye of an expert.

3 Clear Signs You Need Stove Repairs 

1. You Smell Gas 

If you smell gas in your kitchen before turning your stovetop on, then there’s a serious issue. This likely means there’s a leak in the components that connect your stove to your natural gas pipeline. In such cases, it’s essential not to turn the stove on; doing so can result in a fire or explosion. Instead, shut your gas off immediately and open the windows to let the kitchen air out, then contact an appliance repair expert.

2. Burners Aren’t Working 

stove-repairIf your stove burners aren’t working properly, you’ll probably have a difficult time cooking, so have them fixed immediately. For those with gas ranges, the flame on the burner should always be blue; if not, they may need to be cleaned or serviced by a professional. Also, the burners of electric stoves should appear red when turned on; any deviation from this also signifies the need for stove repairs.

​​​​​​​3. Uneven Cooking 

When using your stovetop or broiler, your food should cook evenly. For example, if you’re roasting a chicken, it should be browned on both sides. If you find your meal isn’t cooked on the top and burnt on the bottom, have your appliance checked by a stove repair professional. Such issues often indicate a faulty sensor, which is an easy fix for an expert.


If you’re experiencing any of the problems mentioned above, enlisting the services of a stove repair company can help prevent further issues. To learn more about common appliance problems, Honest & Fair Appliance Repair in Monroe, NY, is always happy to share their insight with homeowners. Since 1976, businesses and residents throughout Monroe, Chester, and Middleton have been relying on their expertise. They’re equipped to provide maintenance and appliance repair services to cover various commercial and residential needs. Call them today at (845) 782-0460, or visit their website for a closer look at what they do. 

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