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What General Business Matters Should You Discuss With a Lawyer? June 15, 2018

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What General Business Matters Should You Discuss With a Lawyer?, Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin

Running a business requires a great deal of time, energy, and financial obligation. But amid the stresses of keeping a company operating smoothly, owners must also ensure they are legally protected and lawfully conducting all affairs. To do so, below are a few general business matters you should always discuss with a lawyer.

Business Structure

If your business is in its infancy or expanding in size and scope, you will have to consider the legal structure of the enterprise. Sole proprietorship, limited liability corporations (LLC), and nonprofits are all vastly different, and each comes with advantages and drawbacks for owners. Also, if you’re considering developing a corporation, the process of forming this type of structure is more complex than others. Discussing these subjects with a lawyer will help you better understand your options and which will be most appropriate for your particular situation.


general business mattersWhether your company is a small one-person operation or a large multinational conglomerate, you likely deal with contracts when conducting business. Contracts define all parties’ roles, rights, and responsibilities, so discuss all aspects of the paperwork with a lawyer—whether you're writing them or signing on as a signatory—to ensure all components and terms lawful and in your best interests.

HR Documents

Any business with paid employees needs to have human resources documents to give to staff members. The paperwork keeps everyone informed of their rights and duties and on the same page. Common HR materials include employee handbooks, compensation and benefits information, expense tracking records, and exit policies. Determining workplace procedures and policies are general business matters that should be drawn up in conjunction with an attorney.


If you are a business owner in the Wisconsin Rapids, WI, area, trust the Alan A. Panek Law Office, S.C., to safeguard your company and its future. For over three decades, Attorney Panek has been working with area clients in general business matters, offering quality legal counsel and representation to ensure compliance and protect their best interests. Call (715) 421-4900 or visit the firm online to schedule an appointment today.

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