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Dentists Warn About 3 Summertime Foods That Cause Cavities June 15, 2018

Waukon, Allamakee
Dentists Warn About 3 Summertime Foods That Cause Cavities, Waukon, Iowa

During the summer months, you might find yourself enjoying beautiful weather, great food, and time with family and friends. But are those summer barbecues and afternoon hikes hurting your teeth? Here are three summertime foods that are notoriously bad for your teeth, and what dentists recommend instead. 

Foods That Cause Cavities

1. Soda 

On a hot, muggy day, the fizz of a freshly-poured soda can seem like a good way to spruce up any meal. Unfortunately, full-sugar sodas help to fuel the oral bacteria that lives in your mouth, paving the way for dental cavities. Furthermore, sipping on soda throughout the day increases the acidity of your saliva, softening dental enamel and making it even easier for oral bacteria to harm your teeth. Instead of soda, choose sparkling water, which doesn’t contain harmful sugar. 

2. Trail Mix 

dentistAlthough it might seem like a good idea to grab a bag of trail mix before your next hike, the dried fruits in the blend are high in sugar and sticky enough to cling to your teeth for hours afterward. Instead of packing trail mix for your next outdoor adventure, think about snacking on raw almonds or crisp, freshly cut veggies instead. 

3. Citrus

Orange slices, lemonade, and a morning slice of grapefruit might seem like a healthy way to infuse some Vitamin C into your day, but citrus fruits are acidic enough to pave the way for dental decay. With a pH lower than 4, citrus fruits are as acidic as vinegar, which can put you at a higher risk for dental cavities. To prevent problems, dentists recommend swishing your mouth with water afterward to neutralize the pH of your saliva. 


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