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4 Mistakes Personal Injury Victims Should Avoid January 3, 2019

Boston, Suffolk
4 Mistakes Personal Injury Victims Should Avoid, Boston, Massachusetts

Accidents can complicate the lives of those involved in ways they might not realize. In Boston, MA, the personal injury attorneys at Bellotti Law Group, PC, advise clients that how they behave in the aftermath of an incident affects their ability to collect compensation for any damages. To ensure you secure the most favorable outcome possible, they explain some of the most common ways people jeopardize their claims and how to avoid it.

Common Errors Accident Victims Make 

1. Discard Evidence

After accidents, injured individuals may be in a hurry to repair or replace their vehicles or defective goods, and they discard valuable evidence in the process. Junking a totaled car or throwing away damaged equipment can reduce the value of property damage and personal injury claims and might eliminate potential product liability claims too.

2. Fail to Complete Treatment

personal injury attorneyPatients may tire of repeat doctor visits or therapy sessions, especially if recovery seems slow. However, failing to complete a prescribed treatment plan or stopping medication can delay healing, contribute to permanent injury or disability, and prevent a lawyer from obtaining the best possible case outcome.

3. Settle Too Early

The prospect of quick money entices some injured individuals to accept early offers from insurance companies while still being treated by doctors. Doing so is a mistake. Personal injury attorneys advise clients not to settle until the physician says the patient has reached maximum medical improvement.

4. Minimize or Exaggerate Injuries

Describing harm accurately helps personal injury attorneys and insurance adjusters evaluate claims for damages, including pain and suffering. Individuals who tough it out, ignore their issues, and try to do too much devalue their claims and may hurt themselves. Conversely, exaggerating minor problems can raise questions of credibility and possible allegations of insurance fraud.

If you suffer harm in an accident, avoid making common mistakes by seeking wise counsel early. Personal injury attorney Peter Bellotti at Bellotti Law Group, PC, offers wisdom, compassion, and a strong record of guiding clients to successful recoveries. Learn more about the firm’s background and expertise in this practice area online. Schedule a free consultation at either their Boston, Cambridge, or Quincy, MA, office by calling (617) 778-1000 today.

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