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Landscaping Company Shares 3 Benefits of Fertilizing June 7, 2018

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Landscaping Company Shares 3 Benefits of Fertilizing, Blairsville, Georgia

Maintaining your yard is more than watering the lawn and picking up after dogs. Your landscaping, from grass to plants and flowers, requires food to survive. This is where fertilizing comes in. Below, Complete Home Services/Vistascapes, in Blairsville, GA, explains some of the benefits of this process and why you should add fertilizing to your regular yard care routine.

Why Does Your Yard Need Fertilizer?

1. Increase Lawn Durability

Fertilizing helps grass grow deep roots that help it withstand wear and tear. It’s important to consider using fertilizer if your lawn endures a lot of traffic as it can greatly improve grass strength, limiting the effects of dogs and kids who play in the yard.

2. Improve Aesthetics

landscaping Blairsville GAMany homeowners are unhappy with their lawns because of discoloration. Brown and yellow spots are unattractive and don’t feel good on your feet. Fortunately, fertilizer can help by adding nutrients to the soil, like nitrogen and phosphorous, that help the grass grow and improve its overall health. Your landscaping will look much better with lush, green grass.

3. Mitigate Fungus

Have you ever noticed mushrooms and fungus growing in your yard? These organisms can be dangerous for kids and dogs, so you must remove them and prevent them from growing. By aerating your lawn and then fertilizing them with a high nitrogen mix, you’re reducing fungus growth and mitigating the likelihood of new mushrooms appearing due to soil that is not hospitable for them. 

To maintain a beautiful yard, you must feed your grass with fertilizer. From organic to chemical mixes, these options offer nutrients that will improve growth and coloration while fighting off fungi. To talk about what type of fertilizer you should use and get professional advice on the process, call the landscaping experts at Complete Home Services/Vistascapes at (678) 439-9125. Visit the website for information on their landscaping design services, yard maintenance, garden installation, and soil fertility recommendations.

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