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4 Types of Lumber & What They Can Be Used For June 13, 2018

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4 Types of Lumber & What They Can Be Used For, Port Jervis, New York

Lumber is used in several capacities, as it’s a leading material in the construction industry and considered a viable option for decoration and privacy. However, there are so many types that it can be difficult to determine which one is right for your project. The best way to simplify your decision is to discover the characteristics that make each material unique.

4 Leading Lumbers & Their Uses

1. Cedar

lumberOne of the most popular choices on the market, cedar is easily identified by its natural, light-colored appearance. It’s recommended for various uses including door frames and deck surfaces; it also provides the long-lasting stability your structure requires. This wood is also known for being exceptionally rot- and insect-resistant, so you won’t need to worry about exterior elements causing the material to prematurely deteriorate.

2. Dimensional Lumber

This type of wood is completely manufactured. Each piece is made according to the same measurements and offers a consistency that no other product provides. Dimensional lumber is most recommended for bulk orders and can be created to your construction specifications without wasting material.

3. Douglas Fir

Recognized as a leading choice for Christmas trees, the Douglas Fir is widely popular within the lumber community. It offers an unbeatable versatility and has an exceptional weight-to-strength ratio that makes it one of the sturdiest materials on the market. This is largely because this wood doesn’t contain as many knots as other natural woods, and its fibers are longer and more consistent than most.

4. Plywood

These thin slabs of wood are one of the most affordable lumber options. They can easily be cut to size and provide a sufficient amount of support for various projects. Plywood is also recommended for its ability to swell evenly in the presence of moisture, so you won’t have to worry about warping during construction. Plus, it dries fast and will return to its previous condition quickly.


The knowledge that can be gleaned from an experienced lumber supplier is a valuable asset to any building project. If you’re in the market for quality building materials, connect with the professionals at Berthiaume’s Neversink Lumber of Port Jervis, NY. This locally-owned hardware store has been working with homeowners and contractors for over 60 years. They stock the industry’s finest materials and make a point to know their products inside and out. You can reach one of their representatives by calling (845) 856-5161. Also, visit their website for additional information.

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