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How Do Water Treatment Plants Work? June 26, 2018

New Haven, New Haven, CT
How Do Water Treatment Plants Work?, New Haven, Connecticut

Whether taking a morning shower or staying hydrated, the clean water you need is always just a tap away. But before it comes through your faucet, water goes through several processes to make it safe and potable. Here are the basic steps a water treatment plant follows to guarantee reliable access to this vital resource.


water treatmentFirst, treatment facilities secure a water source through various means. Depending on where you live, your local provider may draw from the surfaces of nearby lakes and rivers. In some cases, rain, condensation, and runoff may also be harvested to boost supply and as a means of conservation.

Coagulation and Sedimentation

Water collected from nature contains a significant amount of dirt and other small particles. That’s why the process at water treatment facilities typically starts with the addition of positively-charged chemicals.

These chemicals cancel out the negative charges of those particles, allowing them to bind into larger masses known as floc. As floc grows, it sinks to the bottom to form sediment, making it easier to remove.


Even when floc is removed, many unsafe elements will remain. These include harmful chemicals, bacteria, viruses, and parasites. To remove these contaminants, water treatment plants use a series of filtration systems. Essentially, these are tightly-woven screens that trap unwanted particles as water passes through.  

Disinfection and Testing

To eliminate the risk of remaining hazards, water treatment plants add a variety of safe chemicals to kill bacteria, viruses, or parasites. At this point, other beneficial additives may be mixed in—such as fluoride to minimize tooth decay risks. Facilities will then perform several rigorous tests to ensure their filtration and disinfection processes were effective.


Once they confirm water quality, treatment plants distribute potable supplies through a municipal plumbing system. Clean tap water flows through the intricate system until it reaches your home’s main service line.


Serving the New Haven, CT area, The Regional Water Authority is your local source for clean drinking water. Placing the highest importance on safety, consistency, and quality, this water utility uses advanced equipment and strategies to keep your tap water flowing. Their commitment to the community compels them to pursue measures that will keep costs and environmental impact low. To learn more about the ways this treatment facility protects your water supply, visit their website. For questions about service, call a friendly representative at (203) 562-4020.