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5 Advantages Summer Day Care Offers Your Child June 13, 2018

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5 Advantages Summer Day Care Offers Your Child, St. Peters, Missouri

Summer has arrived, which means the kids are out of school and looking for ways to occupy their time. With summer day care, you can ensure your child makes the most out of their break. Rather than sitting at home and watching TV or using the internet all day, they can explore the great outdoors while developing important life skills.

The Benefits of Summer Day Care

1. Develops Resilience

Kids don’t often have the opportunity to learn how to pick themselves back up after a setback in a safe environment. At summer day care, they can try new activities with the encouragement of counselors and their peers. This nurturing environment inspires them to gain confidence in themselves and continue improving.

2. Offers Fun Ways to Stay Active

Make sure your child stays healthy and fit by enrolling them in a summer program. They have countless resources to keep kids active, including sports equipment, outdoor games, and access to lakes and pools for swimming. No matter where your child’s interests lie, they’re sure to find a physical activity they’ll enjoy.

3. Breaks Down Social Barriers

summer day careThe structure of the classroom can make it difficult for some kids to form friendships. Cliques form early on, and many end up feeling left out. Your child can relax and be themselves at summer camp, where they’ll meet new people from all sorts of different backgrounds. Kids cooperate, have fun, and learn together through these programs, creating lasting friendships.

4. Increases Independence

Independence is a big step in child development, and kids need to learn from experience. Summer day care allows them to make daily decisions on their own without the guidance of their parents. Here they can fully understand the thought process behind planning their entire day and develop a sense of self-sufficiency.

5. Introduces New Interests

Over long breaks, children often get bored without something new to stimulate them. That won’t be a concern at summer camp. Many programs offer a wide range of activities for kids to try out, from sports to making music to scientific experimenting. Your child could gain an exciting new hobby over the summer that they’ll love to share with you!


If you’re looking for a summer day care center to keep your child healthy and active over their break, Great Beginnings has the perfect program for your family. Kids in the St. Charles and Cottleville, MO, area can expect tons of fun in the sun with nature exploration, water activities, and sports. This early childhood education center integrates teaching into the day as well, so children’s minds will stay as active as their bodies. You can learn more about their summer programs online. Call (636) 724-5048 to speak with a staff member from the St. Charles location, or (636) 447-4212 to reach the Cottleville branch.

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