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Do You Know Where Your Home's Water Shut-Off Valve Is? July 2, 2018

Pine Grove, Amador
Do You Know Where Your Home's Water Shut-Off Valve Is?, Pine Grove, California

Even if you own it, there are probably many details about your house that you aren’t familiar with. When it comes to water leaks, one of the most common points of confusion is the location of the shut-off valve. If you don’t know where yours is, Amador Plumbing of Sutter Creek, CA, wants to help you become a more informed homeowner or tenant. Use their guide to learn about water shut-off valves and why you might need to access them.

How to Find Your Water Shut-Off Valve

Most main water valves are easy to find, so they won’t require professional tools or excavation services to locate. However, since every house is different, a little exploration may be required. Most water shut-off valves are located on the inside perimeter of the house at ground level, not under a sink. Since the main valve receives water from a meter outside of your house, they will usually be positioned at the end of the shortest pathway from the meter to the home’s foundation. In many cases, main valves are found in basements and may have round or lever-like handles. To shut off round valves in the event of a water leak, turn the wheel to the right until it stops. Lever handles must be moved 90 degrees until they are no longer parallel with the pipe.

Why You May Need to Use It

water leakIt’s crucial to learn the location of your home’s main valve before a water leak occurs. If a pipe bursts, every second will count, and you don’t want to have to conduct a search while your basement is flooding. You may have to shut off the valve in non-emergency situations, such as during remodeling or repairs. If your home has a fire sprinkler system, make sure not to shut off the water to this feature.

If you encounter a water leak in your home, use the information above to stop the flow of water while the plumbing team is on their way. Amador Plumbing will quickly come to the rescue and fix the source of the leak to prevent water damage throughout your home. Their plumbing services range from drain cleaning and toilet installation to trenchless sewer line repair. For more information about their services, visit the website or call (209) 223-2204.

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