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3 Reasons to Clean the School During Summer Break June 13, 2018

Moanalua, Honolulu
3 Reasons to Clean the School During Summer Break, Honolulu, Hawaii

Although many school administration and classroom buildings remain vacant while students and faculty enjoy summer vacation, it’s still a good idea for building managers and property owners to schedule regular cleaning service during the offseason. Doing so ensures everyone will be safe and comfortable on campus once school is back in session. Consider a few ways you can benefit from scheduling cleaning service during summer break.

3 Reasons to Schedule Cleaning Service for Your Campus During Summer

1. Keep Faculty & Students Healthy When Class Is in Session

Although you won’t have to worry about cleaning shoe scuffs in hallways or removing crumbs on cafeteria tables when everyone is gone for summer, it’s still possible for the building to get dirty during the break. If dust is left to accumulate on surfaces, it will enter the air, and the airborne allergens could make people sick.

2. Reduce Likelihood of Accidents

cleaning servicesFrom industrial-strength cleaning products to power appliances, cleaning service specialists use several tools to keep your campus looking great. When class is in session, people might fall on freshly waxed floors or trip over vacuum cords when trying to navigate areas being cleaned. Scheduling a service appointment before the building is bustling with activity will reduce the likelihood of accidents.

3. Boost School Reputation

Although you should expect to see many returning teachers and students during the new school year, plenty of new people will also enter the building for the first time. When you’ve arranged for the space to be cleaned prior to the first day of class, it will help the school look more visually appealing and boost its reputation.


Whether you oversee building maintenance for a school or manage the janitorial needs of a commercial space, trust the professionals at Kleenco Group in Honolulu, HI. They’ll provide effective, efficient cleaning services to improve the condition of building interiors and increase the comfort of everyone inside. To schedule a commercial cleaning service appointment on any of the Hawaiian Islands, call (808) 831-7600. Visit the company online to learn more about the specialty and general janitorial services the technicians provide.

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