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3 Key Reasons to Make Drain Cleaning a Priority August 12, 2019

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3 Key Reasons to Make Drain Cleaning a Priority, Kerrville, Texas

Discovering that there is a clog in your pipes can be frustrating. A plumber can come in and resolve the problem by determining and treating the source of the blockage. But in many cases, those clogs develop because they’ve built up slowly over a lengthy period. One way to prevent this from occurring is to schedule regular drain cleaning appointments. Here are three key advantages of making this a priority.

Why You Need to Schedule Regular Drain Cleaning Appointments

1. Prevent Large Problems

Kerrville, TX drain cleaningIt’s not always easy to determine that there’s a leak or a crack in the pipes. Often, it isn’t discovered until a catastrophic event occurs, such as a flood or a complete break. By the time this happens, you’re left to contact an emergency plumber and deal with the stressful and costly consequences. When you have a plumbing contractor perform regular drain cleaning, you can be sure that those pipes will receive precisely the kind of attention that will prevent small leaks or cracks from causing these major issues. 

2. Reduce Strong Odors

One of the most obvious signs that there’s a problem lingering deep within the pipes is a strong, offensive odor. If you haven’t had the drains cleaned in some time, it could be the result of a blockage. The bacteria collects and causes a scent that has nowhere to travel but upward through the drain. Plumbers will make sure those pipes are not only free of clogs, but also completely clean. In some cases, they may discover small fissures that allow harmful bacteria to enter; these openings can be repaired, preventing those powerful odors from emanating throughout your bathroom or kitchen.

3. Eliminate Stubborn Blockages

A blocked drain may be obvious when water takes a while to flow through and makes an odd gurgling sound as it does so. You may attempt to resolve the problem with a chemical solution before turning to a professional. These ingredients eat away at the pipes, which may affect their integrity in the long term. Plumbers clean them properly, which means there’s little to no chance that a heavy blockage will develop.


If your drains could use some attention, you can trust the plumbers at H2O Specialists to help. Based in Kerrville, TX, the team specializes in drain cleaning, plumbing repairs, and water treatments. Contact them today to learn more about how they can speed up a sluggish drain and strengthen the life of your home’s sewer system by visiting the company’s website, or calling (830) 895-7575.

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