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3 Tips for Coping with Setbacks June 6, 2018

Kaneohe, Koolaupoko
3 Tips for Coping with Setbacks, Koolaupoko, Hawaii

It's difficult to maintain equilibrium when plans don’t work out like you hoped they would. However, by employing a few techniques, you can overcome disappointment and move on to achieve goals. Goal Focused Results, a certified life coach and mentoring service in Kaneohe, HI, offers the following suggestions for coping with setbacks.

How to Deal with Setbacks

1. Don't Cast Blame

A common response to disappointment is to become angry and blame others, but this is not helpful. The best course of action is to accept what happened. Consider how you could have avoided the situation or handled it differently, and resolve not to place yourself in those circumstances again. Where others might waste energy on passing the buck, focus on how to remedy the situation instead.

2. Learn from Your Mistakes

One of the most powerful mantras to repeat to yourself is, "Sometimes you win, and sometimes you learn." All failures are an opportunity to learn what doesn't work and refine your techniques, so next time—or perhaps the time after that—you can succeed. Failure is the most effective teacher, but only if you learn from mistakes.

3. Express Your Feelings Appropriately

life coach in Oahu, HIIt's natural to feel sadness, disappointment, embarrassment, and even shame, and you should express these feelings appropriately instead of bottling them up. An experienced life coach can teach you how to do this. For instance, don't scream at others or take out frustration on family members. Instead, express yourself creatively or through physical activity. Vent your feelings by writing in a journal, running a few miles, or whacking a golf ball as hard as you can.

These tips should help you stay focused and prevent disappointment from derailing your progress. For more help with personal growth and wellness, including mentoring and anxiety relief, contact Goal Focused Results in Kaneohe, HI. Founder Roanne Abe is a certified Practitioner of Excellence, Strategic Intervention Life Coach, and Integrative Nutrition Health Coach who will use her extensive training to help you overcome challenges and achieve personal goals to become a healthier, happier person. Visit the website or call (808) 386-2834 to schedule a free clarity session with a life coach.

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