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3 Reasons to Try Kickboxing July 18, 2018

Scarsdale, Westchester
3 Reasons to Try Kickboxing , Scarsdale, New York

Whether you want to start your first fitness routine or switch up your current schedule, kickboxing is an excellent choice. This routine offers various benefits that have made it extremely popular in recent years. Learn a few of the perks to expect with Muay Thai training at 914 Training Center to decide if it’s the right choice for you in Scarsdale, NY.

A Guide to the Benefits of Kickboxing

1. Maximize Your Workouts

When you invest time into exercising daily, you’ll want to know you’re making the most of your effort. Kickboxing is a highly efficient workout because it tones your entire body, providing strength, flexibility, and cardio training simultaneously. This burns numerous calories, blasts fat, and builds muscle. You’ll get much more out of 30 minutes of kickboxing than you would from an hour on the treadmill.

2. Learn Self-Defense

kickboxingWhile you hope you’ll never have to use your self-defense training in real life, it is a useful skill. You’ll be prepared for emergencies to protect yourself and others. Even if you never have to implement your training, knowing you can protect yourself is an excellent confidence boost.

3. Stay Motivated

Many people that start a fitness regimen struggle to stay motivated because of accountability issues or boredom. Martial arts combats both. Your trainer and fellow trainees will hold you accountable for your exercise, encouraging you to make it to class and work harder while you’re there. Because your workout varies and presents a new challenge each day, you’ll never be bored either.

If any of these benefits sound appealing, it’s time to try kickboxing. 914 Training Center is an ego-free, welcoming environment that provides a fun and challenging workout for people of all ages and experience levels. They can help you reach your fitness goals while honing your defense skills. Take a look at their class schedule online and call them at (914) 437-5353 to sign up.

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