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What Should I Know About Dementia & Home Care? June 14, 2018

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What Should I Know About Dementia & Home Care?, Wayne, New Jersey

Dementia is a challenging series of illnesses affecting millions of American families. Home care may be necessary when the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease and related disorders progress over time. Whether you have a loved one recently diagnosed with dementia or want to learn more about it, the information below will help you understand signs, critical needs, and options for caregiver assistance. 

Home Care Guide to Dementia 

Illness Characteristics 

Wayne Home CareDementia is an umbrella word covering a variety of disorders. Alzheimer’s and other types of illnesses within the dementia spectrum are characterized by memory loss, personality changes, and confusion. In addition to Alzheimer’s, some patients may receive a diagnosis of vascular or frontotemporal dementia. 

Common Symptoms

Dementia is not a typical result of old age. The associated illnesses affect people of all races, backgrounds, and genders, although they are more common in women. Symptoms also may vary from person to person.

According to experts at the Alzheimer’s Association, the most typical signs of dementia include memory impairment, an inability to focus, and communication challenges. Many people will also have difficulty with visual perception, judgment, and reasoning. 

Patient Needs 

Due to patients’ cognitive impairment, they often need assistance with fluid and food consumption, social engagement, and avoiding injury within the home. Since wandering is common, 24/7 caregiver monitoring is usually necessary. As diseases progress, the patient will increasingly need help with eating, bathing, staying hydrated, and keeping the home tidy. 

Care Options 

There are many care choices for men and women with dementia and Alzheimer’s. Assisted living facilities and nursing homes are available to families. However, many are expensive and allow for less monitoring and control. Alternatively, professional caregivers can work within the home, providing families with more affordable and flexible dementia and Alzheimer’s care options. Choose senior companionship during daytime hours, or hire a caregiver for 24-hour assistance. Whatever your needs, you can rest assured that your loved one will be safe, happy, and healthy. 


Many American families struggle with balancing their loved one’s dementia care with responsibilities in their daily lives. If you need support, Visiting Angels, in Wayne, NJ, employs compassionate caregivers offering senior companionship, Alzheimer’s care, and quality respite care services. To discuss your home care options with a team of senior care professionals, call (973) 839-3761. For information about their business hours, location, and services, follow them on Facebook