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3 Signs of Depression in Children June 13, 2018

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3 Signs of Depression in Children, Grand Island, Nebraska

Unfortunately, children are just as prone to depression and anxiety as adults. If you’ve noticed a change in your child’s behavior or personality and don’t know why, they may be experiencing depression. As a parent, this may be difficult to identify, so along with a pediatrician's counseling, watch for these signs. 

3 Possible Symptoms of Depression in Children

1. Withdrawal & Lack of Interest in Activity

Has your outgoing child become reserved and withdrawn from social activities? Did they love playing games and being silly before becoming suddenly somber? They could have depression. While children go through many changes as they grow physically and socially, it’s important to know your child and pay close attention to behavioral changes and determine if they’re depressed.

2. Excessive Guilt & Shame 

pediatricianIf your child has started apologizing profusely over small issues or is acting disappointed in themselves for small mistakes, they could be battling anxiety or depression. Feeling such strong negative emotions can take a toll on their self-worth, so seek professional help from a pediatrician or child psychologist. 

3. Lack of Appetite & Lethargy 

If you have trouble getting your child to eat their favorite meals, or they often say they’re not hungry, take heed. Do they often ask to lie down and be alone? Lethargy is another indicator of emotional problems, as is consistent lack of appetite.


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